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GAP Insurance  

You may not realise that if your vehicle is declared a total loss by your motor insurer, they may only settle at its Current Market Value, even if you purchased fully comprehensive insurance.

This may mean there is a possibility that your insurance settlement is not enough to cover any outstanding finance, which would leave you having to pay the balance.

However, this does not have to be the case, as you can avoid the financial shortfall with GAP insurance to ensure that you have protected your investment.


Contract Hire GAP insurance - will, in the event of a Total Loss claim, pay the difference between the Comprehensive Insurance settlement and the amount of outstanding rentals as well as any shortfall in the vehicle value. It is suitable for new and used vehicles on Contract Hire, delivered within the last 180 days. In most cases, customers find that the e-mail report service is all they need.




We cannot sell GAP insurance to you directly, however, we do recommend you consider your need by visiting the ALA GAP insurance web site below.  This describes the products available and you can make a decision from there.  We must also point out that GAP products are offered by a number of companies, so don't buy manufacturer-recommended GAP without looking at competitors such as the one linked here.  Click here for more information: