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Quartix Tracking  

There are bewildering array of tracking devices on the market and many are very good and do similar jobs in slightly different ways.  What is common is that the effectiveness of the tracking system ultimately comes down to how it is managed and utilized.  That is where we come in.  We offer a day-to-day management service for using your trackers to enhance business saving and to improve the safety of your drivers.  Few copmpanies have time to do the necessary management work to maximise the potential of trackers to save money.  Investment in our systems will pay for itself very quickly in saving on fuel costs and driving time.  It will also give you a flying start with providing the necessary Duty of Care for your drivers.

Keep track of your vehicle and staff with Quartix professional tracking.

Quartix now has more than 7,000 customers!
Quartix was founded in 2001 by four industry professionals who had a combined 80+ years experience in systems design, telemetry, embedded computing, communications and database design and implementation.

It can offer you peace of mind and the ability to monitor your vehicle and staff performance.


Ease of access through the Internet from anywhere - whether at home, work, or even at a customer's premises for a demonstration.

Speed and ease of use - simple-to-use web access and controls make the system extremely simple to use.  In most cases, customers find that the e-mail report service is all they need.

No hidden costs - as there are no software or hardware systems to manage at your location, there are no hidden costs of maintenance, nor are there annual software licences or charges.



Service - unlike many other systems, we manage the data and deliver reports to you - either by making them available on our web site or sending them by e-mail.  You already have the software that's required.

Price - we want to deliver just what you need, and no unnecessary extra features.  By keeping our costs low, we aim to provide you with a superior level of service at a competitive price.

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