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Treating Customers Fairly  

The customer is at the centre of what we do at PrestonSkirrow Ltd. Treating customers fairly is a culture that is not only essential to our day-to-day operations but which is compulsory for the long-term growth and development of our business. All of the team here consistently strive to exceed our customers’ expectations during and after the transaction.

We believe that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles not only complement our existing approach; it encourages us to continually monitor, assess and evolve in a changing environment where a customer’s needs and interests must be met. For more information on the FCA, please see About the FCA.


In achieving the above, we must not only observe all of the legal and regularity requirements but we must also:

  • Provide clear information to the customer from the outset of the process – buying a vehicle can be complex and difficult to understand. We endeavour to facilitate a firm understanding of what each product is, so that a customer can make an informed decision based upon their needs and circumstances.

  • Assess the products and services we offer on a regular basis to ensure we can meet the current and future demands – we accept that the vehicle services market is constantly changing and the products offered may need to be adjusted based on new practices and approaches.

  • Invest in staff training – the continued growth and development of our staff is essential to ensure our administration, sales and management team are competent to treat our customers fairly. All of the team are critical in delivering a positive experience and sustaining our culture and values.


  • Enable our staff to identify a concern or complaint and to have the requisite infrastructure to manage that complaint properly - we must manage all customer concerns and complaints in an honest and open manner. We endeavour to conduct all proceedings promptly and reasonably, so that every customer is afforded the ability to resolve this with us or, as necessary, a third party (for more information please see our complaints policy).

  • In addition to the statements above, please be assured that we continue to develop the business and our standards by Internal Audits, External Audits and regular management meetings.

  • PrestonSkirrow Ltd are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy their experience with us from the initial stages through to delivery and beyond. Our level of commitment does not end when a customer receives the vehicle; this is when the process truly starts. Until that vehicle is returned, every customer can be assured of sales and administrative support as we endeavour to exceed expectations time after time.